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The Australian Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Support Group.


Arachnoid cysts are found by coincidence while being investigated for other issues or due to ongoing symptoms. Imaging may reveal an Arachnoid Cyst or Cysts. These may be present at birth or a secondary cysts due to head injury or trauma.

Arachnoid Cysts can be found in the brain or spinal cord applying pressure to these areas. They can affect newborns, children and adults. It is very difficult to find Doctors and Surgeons who are up to date with how to treat us.


The signs and symptoms of Arachnoid Cysts can vary according to their size and location. Small cysts are usually symptomatic, requiring observation and follow up. However, larger cysts can have a mass affect on the neurovascular structures, leading to neurological symptoms. Headaches are the most common symptom, Other symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, worsening of mood, mental status changes, ataxia, seizures and hearing loss. (Ref: Cureus Management of Arachnoid Cysts: A Comprehensive Review)

Symptoms of Spinal Arachnoid Cysts are compression of the spinal cord and surrounding nerves. Patients can experience pain, tingling, weakness, or numbness and also heavy feeling in the back, arms and legs, the bladder and bowels can also be affected. If not treated patients can go on to have complete loss of sensation in all these areas of the body.


We are very behind here in Australia with the treatment of Arachnoid Cysts. It is a highly debated issue on how to treat this condition and when we do manage to find a Neurosurgeon to treat us, most new patients become very stressed as it is not a condition widely known about and there has been no way to find support and information.

It is hoped that this website will help to provide that information to Patients, Doctors, Families and Carers.