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Support Literature and Carer Information


This page is to provide and share current information available. We hope to help patients, family and carers with as much information as possible, to help you to understand more about this condition and be able to be identify the processes and changes a patient will have with the neurological and physical issues associated with an Arachnoid Cyst on the Brain or Spine. There are also helpful services for family and patients, such as our first respite house in Victoria. Information provided below.

Our First Respite House in Victoria. 

The Historic Moria Gums Homestead is on and adjacent to the Magnificent Barmah National Park and Broken Creek and has delightful views of the Largest River Red Gum Forest in the World. It is situated on the Murray River in Central Northern Victoria.

It boasts of fishing, yabbying, canoeing, skiing, horse riding, bush walking, swimming facilities or just relaxing, watching the beautiful scenic birds, pelicans and wildlife such as wild brumby`s, emus and kangaroos.

The Country Cottage has a cosy wood fire for winter. It is self contained but some meals can be provided. The perfect place to relax, de- stress and unwind. It is 30 km from Echuca/Moama. It is 63 km from Shepparton.


The house can be made available through bookings for those families, carers and patients who have gone through a stressful time of surgery of themselves or a loved one. If you are interested in this service please email us for further details.

This Free service will be offered to families in need. It is the hope to find respite Holiday Houses in each State of Australia.

Helpful Reading:


Arachnoid Cysts – Clinical and Surgical Management. Epidemiology, Biology, and Neurosurgery.

These two books contain the most up to date information on the study of Arachnoid Cysts and the treatment and symptoms of Arachnoid Cysts. Both books are edited and contain the interesting and comprehensive knowledge of Norwegian Neurosurgeon Knut Wester. He is internationally recognised for his treatment and studies of Arachnoid Cysts. It focus’s on biological and Clinical aspects of Arachnoid Cysts.

These two books can be purchased on line through:>wester


Manage Your Pain – Practical and Positive ways of adapting to chronic pain.

This book discusses the issues of suffering with Chronic Pain and how our bodies deal with Chronic Pain through out our daily lives. It looks at situations such as how to deal with pain flair ups and setbacks and interacting with those around you. It answers questions you may have and explains what is going on in our bodies when we have pain. Also what X rays, CT and MRI scans tell us. It shows varying techniques on how to manage pain through using relaxation, managing stress, anxiety and problem solving. Improving sleep, and pacing through out our daily activities. It covers many additional techniques for managing Chronic Pain through out our daily lives. Manage Your Pain is based on the well established programme at the University Of Sydney Pain Management and Research Centre, Sydney.

This Book can be found online with revised editions athttp://www.booktopia,com,au/

also Amazon AU.

Useful Articles

healthline- have many articles worth reading and may give some insight and help for Family members and Friends.


7 Dos and Don`ts When Your Friend has a Chronic Illness.

This Is how to Be There For Someone with an Invisible Illness.


For The Crafty Person –

How Does My Brain Work: A Fun and Educational Game for Children and Family Members. Downloadable Pattern.

This Pattern will be made available for for Crafty Family Members or Carers, the game is available for purchase in our online shop or you can get crafty and make it for your child.



Our Support Leaflet:

Our Patient Contact Support Leaflets are available for distribution. If any one would like to help with the distribution of these to your main hospital Neurosurgery Departments and Surgeries in your state, please email us at

Medical Terminology in Layman’s Terms
Brain and Spinal Cord

Glossary terms for Acquired Brain Injury
Brain and Skull